Pollen & Dust Control Concentrate 200ml

Pollen & Dust Control Concentrate 200ml


Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray is a plant based non-invasive and non-toxic treatment that helps allergy sufferers by cleaning the air and removing airborne allergens such as dust, dander and pollen particles.

Effective and non-medicated.

Use every day with no nasty side effects. 

Non-toxic and non-invasive. 

Saves money and is cost effective.

Safe for the environment. 

Free from fragrances, preservatives and dyes

A natural and effective emulsion, the Pollen and Dust Control Spray attracts and traps airborne allergy particles when sprayed in the air making dust and pollen fall to the floor and other surfaces.

After using Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray we recommend the Nature Direct Pure Air Revitaliser to maintain clean fresh air in treated rooms.

200ml of concentrate makes up 8 x 500ml applicator bottles of ready to use product

How to use

There are four simple steps – close, cover, spray and wipe

Close doors and windows. 

Cover soft surfaces like beds with a sheet to catch particles. 

Spray a very fine mist liberally up high in the air and leave the room for 15 minutes. 

Carefully fold covers and remove then wipe hard surfaces with a damp Duster Cloth. 

Mixing instructions

Mix 25 ml Pollen and Dust Control Spray concentrate with 475 ml water.

More tips: 

Use Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray every day. 

Keep windows and doors closed. 

Wash your hair before bed. Your hair acts as a pollen magnet; the pollen then gets rubbed off on your pillows and bed linen at night. 

Stay indoors during early morning hours when plants typically pollinate. 

Avoid hanging clothes and bed linen outside. Pollen and dust floating in the air gets stuck on clothes hung outside and causes irritation later. 

Vacuum regularly. 

Use the Nature Direct Pure Air Revialiser to prevent stuffiness in rooms where windows and doors are closed.

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Did you know our applicator bottles are made BPA free and protect the integrity of the essential oils in our solutions?

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