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All Purpose Cloth

The perfect partner to use with your choice of Nature Direct Cleaning solution. Our professional standard microfibre cloth is priced for the everyday user.


Duster Cloth

Our Duster Cloth has been specially designed to attract dust and polish surfaces. It’s perfect to use on delicate surfaces where you can’t use water.



Excellent for hard to remove stains, including grease and grime. Breaks up tough ‘ground-in’ dirt and removes scuff marks from floor boards, skirting boards and other painted surfaces.


Polishing Cloth

A double-sided microfibre cloth that’s ideal for cleaning any shiny surface. Our Polishing Cloth will leave a scratch-free and streak-free finish, and buff while it cleans.


Stainless Steel Cloth

Our two-sided microfibre cloth has a smooth side for wiping and polishing with the ‘grain’ and a coarse (but still non-scratch) scrubbing surface that cuts through grease and grime.


Stay Fresh Pack

Our Stay-fresh Dish Cloths are woven with charcoal yarn, a natural antibacterial material which inhibits the growth of bacteria – no more ‘smelly dish cloth’ syndrome.


Tough Guy Cloth

Our Tough Guy Cloth is designed to give you that extra oomph when you need it most. It’s double sided: a rough side to clean and agitate grease and grime, and a smooth side to wipe away the dirt.