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EnviroMist Concentrate 125ml

EnviroMist is an efficient odour control eliminator and sanitiser with antibacterial properties.


Super Strength Cleaner Concentrate 125ml

Cleans heavily soiled cook tops, ovens and barbeques. Makes light work of grubby bench tops and sinks, vanities, bathtubs and shower bases. Also perfect for floors and grout.


Spray & Wipe Concentrate 125ml

An everyday cleaner that’s perfect for keeping your kitchen and bathroom surfaces looking and smelling fresh.


Glass Cleaner Concentrate 125ml

A gentle glass cleaner that’s been specially formulated for a streak-free shine.


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate 125ml

A three-in-one stain-busting phenomenon, this versatile formula gently removes greasy marks and grime from fabric surfaces without soaking or scrubbing.


EnviroAir Concentrate 125ml

EnviroAir is a specially formulated concentrate with essential oils (offering antibacterial properties) designed for use in the Pure Air Revitaliser.


EnviroAir Hypoallergenic Formula Concentrate 125ml

EnviroAir Hypoallergenic is formulated with 6 essential oils currently classified by the International Fragrance Association as non-allergenic designed for use in the Pure Air Revitaliser.